YawRon Online - BabyRan and BossRan Gameplay ➣9 Class Server with Drama/Shaper Class ➣Official BabyRan Item Drops, Wars, Website features. ➣Ep10 Official Ran GS Interface ➣Int Skill damage Lowered ➣No VIP/DONATE set/armor ➣Huntable scrolls, items, +15 armors/weapons, Upgrade via website ➣Freebies included upon character creation ➣Voting system every 12hours ➣Gametime to EP system ➣CW everynight 7-8PM (winner reward: God of wars helmets, Energy/Strength/Damage Ring. ➣Point A/B/C items removed ➣Item Mix, Attendance, Betting system ➣Standard/VIP Reborn system ➣Cheap Items at website Item Mall ➣Newbie/Beno/PVP Challenges ➣100 No Bias/Edit/Tropa gaming from now on ➣No staffs/gm/admin playing ingame as &ampampquotnormal players&ampampquot ➣GM support in game
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YawRon RAN Online - BabyRan Gameplay

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December 2015

Server Launch