❌NO FULL DONATE ❌NO PREMIUM SERVICE ⚠HUNT YOUR OWN / UPS YOUR OWN =======Antediluvian Episode 7 Features======= ✨Item Link ✨Item Mixer v.2 ✨ Official Random Value &amp Direct Value Hack Shield Protected Character Simplify (Iwas Lag/Hang) 100 Balanced Gaming Official Old School Gameplay Quest based server Pots based server Party leveling system ( All Class Contributes ) 5 Balanced Class ( Swordy, Brawler , FS , Archer , Extreme ) Skills up to 167 ( Like Official ) Hunt your Own items (Set / Weapon) Pk Streak Hp Bar Targer Info Official Chat Old Map and Old Mobs Ran PH Stats base Max level 210 ❌NO REBORN ❌NO BIAS FREE TO PLAY! ❌NO EDITED ❌NO HIDDEN DONATION ❌NO STATS DONATION Speacial PK Events! ✨SchoolWars with Auto Reward
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