EPISODE 9: 7 CLASS -*NEW: EXTREME REBOOT* -NO REBORN -Balance Game Play -Balance All Class -Combo based server -Semi Regen &amp Semi Pots Based Server -Anti pots, Anti skill, Anti Regen effect -Donation is Optional -Free skills up top 157 (Other is huntable) -Item Link -Item Crafting -TargetInfo -PK Streak -School Wars Every 3 Hours -Auto Bonus School Wars Winner -Free Special Angel Set 9 &amp +9 Sove weapon after creation -Dex = Attack Speed -Add stat using /dex /pow /int /vit -Pet System Enable -Semi Classic Play -Starting level at 100 (Free 10k Stats) -Max level 300 -Gain 500PP When you reach level 300 (put amend Claim500pp) -Max Refine +21 (+1 TO +14 100 SUCCESS) -Mid Exp -Mid Gold -No Quest Maps -Gold Hunt Map at Shibuya 2 -Weapon &amp Set Hunt in Boss (Miracle, Another World &amp etc.) -Skill Hunt Map at GodRoom -No over power -Hunt your own Item (WEAPON &amp SET) -Gold to buy Premium Points -Expiring Donate Items In-Game. -Accessories are in Instructor &amp PREMIUM ITEM SELLER in Market -Donator vs Non Donator is 100 Possible
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